A situation where there are three men tightly squeezed into an uncomfortable vicinity of each other, usually side by side.
Oh man, last night, we had a dvd night and i found myself on the couch in the middle of a manwich!!
by xxxaly April 01, 2009
Top Definition
A sandwich made with all available meat inside nearest fridge. The quality of manwich varies greatly from fridge to fridge.
Jeff: dudeee, your sandwich has salami, roast beef, bologna and corned beef. Thats a total manwich!!!
by MOn3y August 05, 2009
hermes's sandwich in futerama
My manwich!
by tjm April 09, 2004
An exeptionally manly sandwich, usually consiting of copius amounts of meat.

The more extreme a manwich, the more man points someone gains by creating and eating it.
john: dude, whatcha got in that manwich?
dude: a 12oz steak, two loaves of bread, one jar of mayo with the jar still on, a melon and two cans of squirty cream. oh and a jar of chillis.
john: wow, that's some serious man points!
by manlymanwichman November 12, 2009
A popular brand of sloppy joe sandwich sold at grocery chains such as Krogers.

Used commonly as a euphemism for the essence of the man, the male genitalia and penis, as it is "sandwiched" in between two other biological tissues.
Max was mackin' on Ashlee. Ashlee proceeded to put the manwich where it belonged (mouth, vagina, etc.)
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
(noun)a large sandwich that consists of several layers of meat and very little vegetation. usually consumed by men or very masculine women.
that's not just a sandwich...its's a manwich
by cash03 August 26, 2007
A threesome between a girl and 2 guys.
She was into 2 guys and they were both there that night so she had a manwich.
by pete March 22, 2004
1. A gay male threesome. 2. A sloppy joe sandwich.
I'll be the meat in that manwich.
by asswipejohnson December 16, 2010
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