An acrylic sock that is very thin and sheer, resembling a short pair of women's panty hose. It is usually worn by men of a Mediterranean persuasion.
Can you believe how shitty that goomba dresses? Between his designersaurus suit, faux satin shirt, poser alligator shoes, and his manty hose. He looks like a real joey bag o' donuts.
by HappyCappy September 01, 2011
Top Definition
support "hose" for men. Rather than pantyhose that women wear.
My husband had a blood clot in his leg, so he now wears mantyhose every day.

My husband's mantyhose is WAY more expensive than my pantyhose.
by oshimama March 10, 2009
Pantyhose for men
Until I found mantyhose, I had a bitch of a time stuffing back my sack.
by Webster, bitch August 13, 2008
Cyclist specific leg warmers
My manty hose bring all the girls to the yard.
by Dr. Codfish December 16, 2009
1. When guys wear tight jeans or pants, sometimes bought from the girls section of a store

2. A really funny sight to witness

3. A really sad sight to witness when you realize a scenester's jeans are indeed many sizes smaller than your own
Girl 1: is that guy really buying some mantyhose from the girls section?

Girl 2: my 13 year old sister wears the same size

Girl 1: maybe listening to my chemical romance and tokio hotel makes you lose weight
by psychejive October 06, 2009
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