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Cyclist specific leg warmers
My manty hose bring all the girls to the yard.
by Dr. Codfish December 16, 2009
3 2
support "hose" for men. Rather than pantyhose that women wear.
My husband had a blood clot in his leg, so he now wears mantyhose every day.

My husband's mantyhose is WAY more expensive than my pantyhose.
by oshimama March 10, 2009
27 0
Pantyhose for men
Until I found mantyhose, I had a bitch of a time stuffing back my sack.
by Webster, bitch August 13, 2008
19 9
An acrylic sock that is very thin and sheer, resembling a short pair of women's panty hose. It is usually worn by men of a Mediterranean persuasion.
Can you believe how shitty that goomba dresses? Between his designersaurus suit, faux satin shirt, poser alligator shoes, and his manty hose. He looks like a real joey bag o' donuts.
by HappyCappy September 01, 2011
16 8
1. When guys wear tight jeans or pants, sometimes bought from the girls section of a store

2. A really funny sight to witness

3. A really sad sight to witness when you realize a scenester's jeans are indeed many sizes smaller than your own
Girl 1: is that guy really buying some mantyhose from the girls section?

Girl 2: my 13 year old sister wears the same size

Girl 1: maybe listening to my chemical romance and tokio hotel makes you lose weight
by psychejive October 06, 2009
2 8