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The online nickname for American Idol 3 winner Fantasia Barrino, mainly because she is a piece of ghetto trash, looks like a man and sucks at singing.

See also: 'Mantasia Burrito'
Damn, I heard Mantasia is singing on the AI results show tonight. Just a warning in advance.
by Neleh's Goodies May 14, 2008
(noun) the partial or total inability to chill and have a good time (and/or focus on what friends are talking about) while at a public venue brought about by the prevalence of high quality (male) talent in the immediate surrounds
I can concentrate on what you're saying because I'm having an acute case of mantasia
by Ian Row April 01, 2007
a manly version of fantasia suitable for men to watch
"Tonight were going to white castle to play poker get drunk and watch Mantasia"
by boothquake November 23, 2007
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