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A ground based hover vehicle in UT2k4's onslaught mode that is good for transporting troops, has a funny horn and can squish the enemy. Sadly, they can be shot down with harsh language as their armor sucks.
Noobs always steal my manta when I get off it to repair the node they stand next to with 50 health without healing it.
by raZe February 20, 2004
1. A lazy room mate
2. A room mate who doesn't pick up after himself.
3. A room mate who plays video games more than CMBourdage but not a single game such as DoD
Manta is so lazy, he skipped morning run, went to breakfast, and went back to bed.

Gosh Darn it Manta! get your crap out of here!

Manta skipped class again so he could play cs source.
by nueb October 25, 2004
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