male mistress
Male (manstress) equivalent to a woman (mistress) sleeping with married man -> an unmarried man sleeping with a married woman
by Murse37 December 17, 2011
Top Definition
1. Male mistress
2. A woman's man on the side
That girl's got a manstress.
That manstress aint nothing but a bitch.
by g33kZilla December 25, 2004
The male version of a mistress.
She gave her manstress his own apartment and car in exchange for his "services."
by coloradojules January 04, 2007
The male counterpart to the mistress. This can be either the male partner in a love affair or a title given to a guy who is with another guy more than the guy's girlfriend is.
Jimmy went with his manstress Tim to the movies again, while Sara sat at home watching television with her parents.
by Colto22 May 17, 2009
an illicit male lover; oftentimes the "other man"; the male version of a mistress
"What happened to Steve and Laura?"
"Well, Steve found out that Laura had a manstress on the side. Epic fail."
by women unite August 26, 2011
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