Chicks that are over 6 feet tall
Grace Jones is a manster!
by abstractj April 24, 2003
Top Definition
half man, half monster = manster
That guy is a manster
by enken September 27, 2003
a large, furry creature: part Man, part Monster
My furry Manster engulphed me in warm snuggles to keep out the cold.
by Sedona1 October 18, 2011
A girl that ‘s physical form seems to be a combination of a man and a big foot, wolf man, frankinstein tipe monster
Drunky Jeff: Hay bro that chick is checking me out, she’s hot.

Shafty: dude you need to sober up that chick is a manster.
by Shafty McJonhson November 04, 2011
a ugly, stupid, lying, cheating, manwhore guy.. only wants to get in your pants and will say anything his incomptent brain can think of to do so :)

One part Manning.. 99 parts Monster
"damn, i didn't know he was such a manster"
by greenpeppersteak November 05, 2011
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