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A man who acts like he is in a relationship with a woman by doing things for her, buying her gifts and spending time with her even though there is no sexual activity and the woman has no interest in taking the relationship any further. Typically, he puts in more time and effort than he really can afford.

This is like the opposite to a traditonal slut who is a woman that will give away sex without any type of a relationship.
What's the go with Gerry and Sarah? Are they together?

No. He just hangs off her and does whatever she wants. He is basically her manslut. I've seen him do the same thing with other women. He just doesn't realise that some women will be a bitch, and use him.

Poor guy, someone needs to help him out. He needs to be a bit more of a stud.
by CJSt January 02, 2011
11 49
Logan Henderson.
You whore, you are a huge man slut. Go home.
by dflgsod;gjusd September 05, 2011
180 50
Women were pissed/jealous that men are considered a pimp, a player, and "the man" when he sleeps with a lot of women and get a lot of pussy. So women created this phrase out of anger. What women don't understand is that why this double-standard tips in our favor (men), is because men have to always do all the approaching and it takes more skill/talent for a man to get pussy, than it does for a woman to get dick. That's why we get props for getting pussy, and women get ridiculed for opening her legs 7 days a week. HAHA!
Joe: I slept with 5 different hot chicks over the past 2 weeks! I fuckin' rule!
Susan: You're such a man slut. I hate you.
by Theo Huxtable April 16, 2005
323 264
A predatory, perpetually single male who spends every minute of every day chasing skirt. This behavior may verge from the passive and cute to the idiotic and destructive.
"Dude, give it a rest, you're such a Manslut..."
by Aedwynn November 02, 2005
181 131
A promiscuous male.
Bryan Callen is a man slut. He has admitted on his podcast that he slept with a two hookers for a pair of Nikes. He also brags about getting a lot of pussy. He is a man slut.
by boom boom room October 19, 2006
147 100
Guys that get around. Yeah, you know who you are!
Erik: I was thinking about asking out this girl, but I've already humped 3 of her friends.
Sean: Gosh Erik, you're such a man slut
Erik: Shut up, Slutty Mc Slutterson. You're one too!
by Kay and Robin November 18, 2005
264 220
a heterosexual male who has a girlfriend/fiance, dates 1 or more other women in addition to his significant other, and engages in sexual encounters both in person and online with still other women. furthermore, the man slut usually does not take proper "safe sex" precautions and will blame the females with which he engages for any std's or pregnancies which occur.
bobby, cliff, and boyd were such redneck white trash man sluts that to have sex with them and not catch something, you'd need industrial strength condoms and extra strength lysol w/bleach.
by aya April 14, 2005
140 119
Man who has sex with mulitipul women for his personal pleasuer, AKA Ricky combs
James you sure are a man slut for fucking suse last night.
by ATG Doom CF August 06, 2006
88 68