A man who starves himself for the sole reason of being able to fit into ridiculously tight boys-sized clothing.
While he sought to affect a look of sleek urban chic, his skin tight trousers, too short tie, and massively undersized wool sweater vest succeeded only in flagging himself as just another modern American manorexic.
by PBCHLS92 February 21, 2012
A really skinny dude!
That guy needs to eat a Double Whooper every hour on the hour. He looks manorexic.
by R-Whitey April 14, 2006
An intentionally skinny man, usually a hipster that also wears skinny jeans to display his manorexic figure. Commonly found in Portland, OR. Most manorexics prefer the indoors and rarely venture outside, sightings can be infrequent. Coffee shops are good places to find one.
The guy you're standing behind in line at 7-11 wondering how he fit into his jeans then you begin to realize that his legs are skinnier than your arms, and you're not a big guy yourself. It's because he's a manorexic.
by DScott March 09, 2012
A very skinny male.
Tom: Aww man, these pants don't fit anymore.
Jon: You wanna lose some weight, go on a diet, like Rick.
Tom: Rick is not on a diet, he's just a fuckin' manorexic.
by Dan Parnell April 15, 2008
a man or boy that is so skinny he looks anorexic
Sebastian's but really didn't consist of two cheeks, but was more like two elbows, so Raven called him manorexic.
by sick66 December 02, 2010
defining a male, usually teenaged, who eats constantly in large amounts yet never gains any weight.
It's not fair that my manorexic older brother can eat all of those sweets without getting any fatter.
by pimasta314 February 06, 2011
The slightly neurotic yet completely straight dude that refuses to eat certain desserts or asks about the carb count on his white bread, not because he is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but because all that excess hydrogenation and those starchy grains are going straight to his thighs.
"Hmm...do you suppose this pita pocket is Best-Life approved?"

"I dunno, kid."

"Whatever, it's going straight to my thighs. I'm getting apples wedges. *slurps Diet Coke*

*Snorts* "Manorexic..."
by Jill A. February 09, 2008
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