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Mannequin Land is one of the most elite groups on myspace after AP, and is the hardest to get into. Their group tag is ML, and it is not filled with over photoshopped people, who think they're better than everyone else. And also its not filled with "scene" kids.

Mannequin Land is full of individuals who are true to themselves, and have beauty both on the inside and on the outside. And the group is not filled with narcissistic people. Mannequin Land is a group where only the best, the prettiest and the most confident can get into.

There have been some fake groups imitating ML, and there have been low life losers who tag ML into their names without actually getting accepted. However if you think you can get into ML you wouldn't need to script into the group, fake tag ML into your name, and beg others to nominate you, it would be easy.
Mannequin Land
Perfect Dolls
Aesthetic Perfection
by we own the nigt March 30, 2009
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