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Defining the state of a man who is displaying irrational oversensitivity in his thoughts and feelings. Oftentimes connected to his manstrual cycle or related to his relationship problems.
Jeff: sniff, sniff, I just thought she really liked me!

Shane: Man-up a-hole. Why you being so manmotional?

Jeff: I don't know *tear *tear *tear... I am manstruating.
by K & L & O February 07, 2009
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A man that acts like the woman in a relationship. Clinginess, presents, crying, frequent talks about feelings and where the relationship is going. Can be negative or positive to different women and in different circumstances.
Dave sent me flowers today for absolutely no reason. He must be going through a manmotional period since we haven't seen each other for a while.

Joe got manmotional about me visiting my male friend and started a fight with me last night over it.
by intendedforadultuseonly August 16, 2011
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