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one who cannot find sufficent monetry funds to wash themselves on a regular basis,

makes use of a burn, stream as a rudimentary bath when necessary,

regularly scrounges for money from friends or passers by,

smells of nothing more than the unpleasant scent of pure dirt,

owns bright blue and orange addidas trackies from roughly 10 years ago,

etc. etc.
James Robertson, commonly addressed by "Jim".

Malcom Huston - a step or 7 beyond smelly.

person a "Did you see malcom n jim fight for a whole hour for 40p and half a twix?"

person b "no! who got the 40p and part of a twix?"

person a "jim got half a twix (for which he was very grateful) but no-one gave him 40p"

person b "..manky bastard"

P.S. Insulting as this is Jim is infact a legend. Malcom on the other hand just smells.
by sweatyturdheed June 04, 2006
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