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a really kick ass person who everybody likes
yo man you such a mankin
by bigdiggitydog July 03, 2006
(v)To seek and fornicate with fat, gross and/or filthy females. syn...Hogging.
It was apparent he was drunk and desperate by the caliber of female he had taken home. He was mankin' tonight. And for the record, we were hoping, for his sake, that he was drunk and desperate.
by MK November 05, 2004
Minging individual with a ridiculous barnet who thinks they are "av".
Mankin also known as "Manx", "slim" or "d-hole" thinks he is the big dog of Newcastle, but this is not true.
He is often hard to spot because of his fake facial tan combined with his streaky blonde/ginger hair that makes him look like B Inglis.
He is also 12 slims and hates scran especially beef jerky.
His pastimes include scranning hard and looking for scraps.
You look like an Alastair Mankin
by r ridgway October 25, 2012
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