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Spanish slang for "little sister". "Manita" comes from "Hermanita", hence 'manita.
Not always used for actual little sisters.
Como estas, manita?
(How are you, manita?)

Muy Bien. Y tu?
(Very well. And you?)
by *Bee* September 14, 2006
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Türkish slang for girl... of course a hot one !! ;-)
Damn look at this manita !!!
by Ferhat March 10, 2003
It is the sign of five made with an upraised hand. Manita in spanish slang means "little hand". The manita is made when a soccer team scores 5 goals in a game.
Pique's manita during the Nov 2010 Classico enraged Madridistas and the Madrid players so much that the subsequent classicos degenerated into brawls instigated by the Real Madrid players.
by Zeus is the Lord December 23, 2011
Manita is a word used to describe a girlfriend or a potential girlfriend in Turkish. In some cases it's just a beautiful woman.
-They're trying to set me up with someone but I already have a manita.
-Shit man, have you seen the ass on the manita.
by badassmopho June 05, 2014

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