a term used in southern states referring to a female that enjoying and is well know for engaging in sexual orgies (running a train; "the whole team") with numerous males that include oral, vaginal, & in some cases anal. Also, known as a slut, ho, ultimate freak. A term from the movie, "Flashdance" with song by Michael Sembello...(she a maniac, maniac, on the floor...)
"Man she down for the whole team, she a MANIAC!"

by R.W.K. July 15, 2006
A Mainer; someone who leaves in Maine.
My uncle from Hawaii got a license plate for my bike that said "maniac", he thought that it was funny!

Maniacs love lobsters and blueberries.
by no comment ever March 27, 2008
A friend you can always count on to give you a reacharound, even during the bad times of herpes.
"maniac gives great reacharounds"
by fifreek :] December 14, 2003
a wrestler
that wrestler is a maniac
by Cheezi July 26, 2008

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