1. a sorta hide-and-go-seek game played usually at night.

2. code word for kids ages 13-15 to say they're going to play "manhunt" but actually are just going to smoke some marijuana
1. let's go out at 9 and play manhunt!

2. hey buddy!, u wanna go play "manhunt" with a couple of people.
by Afroholic April 29, 2005
mix of games tag and hide and go seek, in which the persons who are it are in cars and chase the others around town. when the ones who are it see the people who are fleeing they must get out and chase them and tag them. when the runners get caught they join the players in cars and chase others. there are usually 2 cars with 2 players in each, with unlimited layers fleeing. when the players fleeing get to the base on the other side of the nieghborhood, they win. (usually played in boring towns with fun people.)
I hurt myself playing manhunt last night.
by Mat Z. July 03, 2005
a game that is rarley acually played, but extreamly funn.

code for get the hottest girl/guy you can find and go makeout with them.
heyy you wanna go play "manhunt"?

go get people for manhunt.
by rachel n August 08, 2007
a hot or handsome man , a cover boy or a male model(after Manhunt International )
My uncle is a manhunt.He is hunky
by hoang hai dang September 02, 2005
1. A video game, emphasising stealth murder, that fails to hold the players attention; an attempt by Rockstar Games to sell games by shock value and bad publicity.

2. a cohesive effort of an organized group to capture an individual.
I was all pumped to play Manhunt.
I rented it, and fell asleep while playing it.
I am wicked bummed.
by jay May 14, 2004
the most fuckn shitest game ever made its not even good dont buy it its a fuckn waste of fuckn money if u really want it fuckn dl it off some shit site i mean this is a poor excuse of a fuckn game and if u like it fuckn get a fuckn life without fuckn killing fuckn everyone and stop fuckn swearing ya fuckn wankers
manhunt is teh 1337 gay lets blow some ppl up now woo
by mystic_force August 22, 2004

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