The act of titty fucking a slut backwards, you cover her face with your man hole.
Your mom got the 'ol man hole cover last night!
by Justin hpnc February 27, 2007
Burying the face of your unfortunate female companion deep into the nether regions of your bung.
"She was all lame on the tip and wouldn't get on the nuts, so I grabbed her by the ears and gave her a manhole cover."
by delta1020 October 02, 2008
Condoms for gay men.
Steve is down with the Rainbow, so he never leaves home without his manhole covers.
by Shawnster April 28, 2005
women's underwear
i urgently wanted to mount her, so I slipped her manhole cover to the side and pierced her lips rather than waste time peeling off her underpants
by John R. December 08, 2003
A cover protecting a mans ass, usually used in jail.
"Man, should of gotten a man hole cover!"
by Matt January 25, 2004
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