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Lovehandles on a man
Man, I'm so sexy! Just look at my manhandles!
by onanymous January 18, 2010
7 10
to treat someone or handle something roughly
I'm not going to let these creeps manhandle me.
by The Return of Light Joker January 13, 2008
481 121
to handle roughly
to shove or push or drag around
did you see Jerry man-handle him last night when he threw him agains the wall?
by sheng-high December 05, 2006
212 12
A girl who fights or handles a person like a man would.
She man handled that boy into his locker.
by OnthatCrazySh*t March 21, 2011
35 44
implies one was not only handled but handled in a manly way….
As an adjective : Billie was handled by the Priest manfully
As a noun: what a manhandler
by Iceman June 22, 2004
32 43
A man's love handles
Check out Jimmy's man handles!
by violineadg123 December 06, 2008
0 18
for a man to makeout with a girl in a sexy way. etc holding her. having her on top of him. leaning over her
i manhandled my gf last night
by d3nz3l July 04, 2009
69 126