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another name for the male sexual organ; only if it is used to hammer the bitches. If it is used in a slow, loving caressing style, then it is not a manhammer but a "bitch toy".
I was laying the pipe to some skank last night. As I went for the power stroke my manhammer slipped out and I jammed it in her mud-hole.
by Cletus Van Pelt March 24, 2006
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Term used when you're sexing a female hard and fast like a Jackhammer.
Dude, I was poking some skank last night and I was at her like a proper manhammer.
by Morrolan December 24, 2010
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1. A nickname for male genitalia of impressive size

2. A tool used to put manhole covers in place
1. Wow, look at that guy's gigantic manhammer!

2. Hey, Paul, give me your manhammer.
by AmazingMrSin May 06, 2011
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Can't wait to take to that bitch with the blunt end of me man hammer.
by Baz July 18, 2004
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A hetero-sexual woman with pronounced manly attributes and or features.
Tall stocky women with broad shoulders and deep voices. While crying they sound like broken transmissions.
"Dude, this line-backer in a dress came on to me."
"A line-backer in a dress? That's harsh! She must have been a real man-hammer!"
by TSearcy301 January 17, 2009
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