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A woman, regardless of looks, who lacks almost all lady-like personalities, instead boasting male attitudes like fighting, disrespect for content women like (such as how a man would talk to a girl in an attempt to go out with her), etc.

Controversial as it seems, there is a major difference between mangirls and feminists. It's hard to explain really.
"You wanna fight?!"
by Dave January 16, 2004
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A girl that looks like a man or vise versa
"Jasmine Wise is definitely a man girl"
by J.T. Rita September 30, 2009
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A girl who has pronounced male features but is opviously a girl. Eg, large breasts and hair but a butt-chin.
She could be really hot, but she is a bit of an Man Girl.
by Ake Saunders Crownshaw August 08, 2006
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