area of man that has evolved into a thick layer of skin, previously believed to be a tale of ancient man/woman's struggle back to the surface.
You know, it's that place, you know....down there....the mangina.
by reall??? August 19, 2009
A man who is trying to be metrosexual but failing misserably.
Brian has a man-purse for him and his cell phone. He is such a mangina.
by Bumble221 January 12, 2009
Male who behaves like a woman.
I have to go home from the pub now in case my girlfriend calls. I am a mangina.
by dippa July 25, 2008
David. Fullstop.
David has a mangina
by TanHill November 11, 2011
a guy who is a bit of a wimp or girly or a pussy or a man pushing his penis between his legs
Did you see how Daniel and Jacob tried on those pink thongs for those girls, what mangina's. Speaking of mangina's from the way the two of them are wearing those thongs they look like girls; their mangina's are natural. What girls.
by gegegegege November 10, 2011
From the medical term "Angina", this is chest pains, restriction of airflow, but instead of being a medical problem, it is due to the genral unfitness of the sufferer.

The common cure is a Marlboro Light
Whilst golfing on a really hilly golf course the other day, both me and James suffered Mangina attacks whilst walking up a huge hill pulling massive golf bags. James: "I think i'm having an Angina attack", Julian: "No, its just Manjina, have a Marlboro Lgiht"
by Jules_p May 28, 2010
A male who whines and cries about himself, his life, or others. Someone who chooses to sit consistently on his own pity-pot. A man who seeks the sympathy of others for his own wrongdoings.
He is a crack addict, is unwilling to change his behaviors, what a mangina.
by Laurie-land February 03, 2010

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