An illusion where a man "tucks his stuff" (i.e., hides his genitalia between his legs) thereby giving his pubic region the apperance of that of a female's.

The insane popularity of this trick is usually traced to (credited to or blamed on) the 1991 Jonathan Demme movie "The Silence of the Lambs"
"I saw a man-gina contest on spring break in mexico ... they had 5 drunk guys tuck in their stuff and drop trou on stage."
by Ivanovich June 22, 2007
An outwardly masculin,heterosexual male (usually into body sculpting and/or has spikey hair and a 70's porno mustache) who fusses or whines about typically female things like hair care products or cramps.
A man with a vagina
A girly-man

"Thomas is a total Man'gina"
"With the way Mark is crying over that dead poodle you'd think he was a giant Man'gina"
"Rhett had to go home early, his Man'gina hurts"
by wickedkitten December 27, 2005
A guy that acts too much like a girl in a relationship. Very clingy and codependent. Cries a lot and expects the girl to have no other life but the one with him.
I am so happy I broke up with that mangina.
The mangina wants me to hang with him tonight. I think he's PMSing.
by zanysportslady October 10, 2005
A man that is too pussy to do something.
Stop being a mangina and do it!!!
by alnichris August 22, 2005
Gaining popularity after the movie Step Brothers the word mangina refers to a man with a vagina. The "man" has a physical characteristics of a man expect for no penis and balls. Men with manginas have a strong correlation for being bitches.
David Funk sits when he pees because he has a mangina. David's mangina is causing him to be a real bitch. It's that time of the month for David's mangina.
by Jorjoejim February 07, 2014
When a guy bitches more than a woman, he becomes a mangina. A male who whines and cries about himself, his life, or others. Someone who chooses to sit consistently on his own pity-pot. A man who seeks the sympathy of others for his own wrongdoings. Very clingy and codependent. Cries a lot and expects the girl to have no other life but the one with him. To have sand in it is like being on the rag.
"My mangina hurts so much!"
"I can't stand his whining! He's such a mangina!"
"What a mangina! He blames all his problems on everyone else!"
"I have no life because he's such a mangina!"
by Wolffekin December 14, 2013
The act of a male who has a clear opportunity to hook up with a smoking hot girl but decides to bitch it and play on his computer or go to sleep instead.
Hey did you hear how much of a mangina Noah was last night!
by scrotiemcboogerballs October 18, 2012

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