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David. Fullstop.
David has a mangina
by TanHill November 11, 2011
Combination of man plus vagina. When a short hispanic guys go sour after they sing amor songs like 1000 times, and finds out that he is still not getting more attention than other guys, he finally decided to spit on all the love that he sang before and go gay. They call themselves mangina, and try to convince that he is better vagina than she is.
I have mangina. I am better than women. You know? me like dick in my ass.

Oh ok, but I like girls.

mira mira, I have better ass, tight and pussy. Me pussy bueno.

umm go away. I don't want your pussy.
by happyyyy November 08, 2011
A dude who is a pussy/wuss coward, POS.
Homie:-Man look at that dude he cant say that he loves her!
Homie 2:-Yep, a totally mangina.
by kitchcaval July 08, 2011
When a man acts like a big fat vagina!!!
Clayton is the epitome of mangina.
by yourvagina April 13, 2011
Term used of male players in MMORPGs who play female characters in-game, a portmanteau word composed of "man" + "vagina".

Used particularly of men who actually pretend to be real-life women while playing the female character in-game in order to solicit cyber sex from other men.
Dude! That guy you were cybering with, he's a mangina! Didn't you know? There's a pic on the forums of him at Fan Faire and he's totally a hairy, 40-year-old dude from New Jersey!
by Drifa January 20, 2011
A man who acts like a feel or has female tendencies.
Nathan has is a mangina.
by Simpleton31412214 December 22, 2010
The act of "tucking" in ones penis and balls between his legs, to simulate the image of a vagina. The character "Buffalo Bill" does this in the movie Silence of the Lambs and dances to Q Lazarus's Goodbye horses. The typical "mangina" can be found in scenes also from such movies as, The Clerks and Scary Movie 2.
A typical mangina looks like this |Y|
by fapmaster69 November 02, 2009