another insult word to replace overused words such as:Stupid, fagg, gay, etc.
Get away from me you stupid mangina!
by StunGun15 April 23, 2007
The male version of a vagina. Used for specific instances when your friends act like pussies.

"Is Gryder coming out tonight?....... No, he has a mangina infection"

by stephen neeeeeewman December 12, 2006
The name of a male's anus if he is a homosexual and is the receiver during gay sex.
Jeez my mangina hurts after that gay prade!
by the mr. obvious April 13, 2009
The part of you Ke$ha doesn't want to see.
Ke$ha: "... No, I don't want to see your mangina. When you Grow a Pear, you can call me back!"
by JPKesha November 25, 2010
a v agina where a mans dick should be
Im Old Greg, I have a mangina
by highonlife37 April 28, 2011
When a mans penis hangs down so far that a little dent forms right at the base above a mans penis and when you push it together it looks like vaginal skin.
His pants were down so far I could see his mangina when he stood with his legs together.
by lightxspeed April 21, 2009
Another word for someone's asshole. It can be male or female, but was coined for use in the gay community. (Or, at least around here.)
"Clay shoved his penis into Stewart's dirty mangina."
by Hefe Weisen February 18, 2005

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