The figurative term for genitals on a non-masculine man.
If a man is acting girlie, it could be because he has a mangina.
Manginas breed drama.
Boy #1: "What polo shirt looks best with this pair of faded jeans? And collar-popped or unpopped?"
Boy #2: "You have an overactive mangina."
by K. Grizzle July 29, 2005
A term used to describe the anus of a gay man which has seen a little too much action. Often slightly prolapsed, and sometimes vaguely resembling labia.
"Steve wsaid he was a virgin but he had a proper mangina"
by Shalroth May 13, 2005
when a man puts his dick between his legs and it looks like a vagina
u have a man-gina...stupid bo
by Alexandra April 02, 2005
A gay guy's backdoor, esp. one that needs to be filled and stuffed with horsecock all the time
Billy Stone has a bottomless gaping mangina.
by stella corona March 18, 2005
A male's anus. Known as the mangina because it is the male equivalent of the vagina.
There once was a man from old china
Who met this girl named Sabrina
He screamed with fear
And covered his rear
And yelled "That ain't entering my mangina."
by RandomNumbers February 23, 2005
A person who has both male and female genitals.
"Jasmina is a mangina"
by Khsieh February 17, 2015
When a guy bitches more then a woman he goes beyond the usual label of a pussy, he becomes a mangina.
James is a Mangina.
by James' Brat September 04, 2007

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