A gay guy's backdoor, esp. one that needs to be filled and stuffed with horsecock all the time
Billy Stone has a bottomless gaping mangina.
by stella corona March 18, 2005
the man pussy, the only hole you can fuck between a mans legs is his mangina
Man I caught the priest pounding little billy in his mangina in the rectory. I really want some vagina but I can make due with some mangina in a pinch
by belial 7809 December 28, 2008
The anus of a human male used in homosexual relations.
As a twink you will take cock in your mouth and mangina.
by Bill Feeney March 30, 2008
When a guy bitches more then a woman he goes beyond the usual label of a pussy, he becomes a mangina.
James is a Mangina.
by James' Brat September 04, 2007
A region of a man's body that somehow gathers sand much akin to a woman's pussy.
Awww... what's the matter Jeff? Too busy building sand-castles with your mangina?
by Matteaus April 16, 2007
The rear end of a homosexual male.
Damn! he's got a nice mangina
by rumpRanger December 28, 2006
The figurative term for genitals on a non-masculine man.
If a man is acting girlie, it could be because he has a mangina.
Manginas breed drama.
Boy #1: "What polo shirt looks best with this pair of faded jeans? And collar-popped or unpopped?"
Boy #2: "You have an overactive mangina."
by K. Grizzle July 29, 2005

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