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another insult word to replace overused words such as:Stupid, fagg, gay, etc.
Get away from me you stupid mangina!
by StunGun15 April 23, 2007
The anus of the male when used for receptive sexual intercourse.
He bent over and showed me his mangina
by dingoboy March 01, 2006
the man pussy, the only hole you can fuck between a mans legs is his mangina
Man I caught the priest pounding little billy in his mangina in the rectory. I really want some vagina but I can make due with some mangina in a pinch
by belial 7809 December 28, 2008
A Mangina is someting owned by a man that is acting like a pussy, or acting like a chick. It is the male version of a vagina and to have sand in it is like being on the rag.

Exapmle; Bryan needs to pull the sand out of his mangina and grow a pair.
by wickacalvin22 January 25, 2008
The rear end of a homosexual male.
Damn! he's got a nice mangina
by rumpRanger December 28, 2006
A man who's best interests are based on feminine subjects and usually has been raised by his mum to "Worship" women. Although these may sound like good qualities, you may feel like you are with another girl, which is why females don't tend to pick "Mangina's" as their partner.
Jess: Are you going out Andrew again?
Sara: Nah, he's such a mangina.
by boredreader101 January 17, 2011
referring to the butt hole and comparing to a vagina.
Gay men like to "get it" in the mangina.
by mnkyfk August 12, 2008