man vagina
his man-gina hurts
by woody August 09, 2003
is a transvestite who is thinking of getting a sex change turning his penis inside out and inverted.
That dude is a man-gina.
Transvestites have man-ginas you know
by Donna Cunningham January 31, 2006
A man whore, a guy who sleeps around a lot, be it gay or straight.
Damn, thats the 8th girl Frank has been with today, what a man-gina!
by RichLLM October 17, 2005
the male organ used to reproduce or to pleasure the vagina
"my wife love my man-gina deep inside her vagina"
by love2ride August 02, 2006
what is formed when a man takes his genetalia and tucks them between his legs, leaving an empty area where his penis would otherwise be.
Buffalo Bill had a really gross mangina scene on Silence of the Lambs
by MVL November 11, 2005
1. the result of a man tucking his penis between his legs, creating the illusion of a female pubic area.
2. also, male anus.
Please refer to "Silence of the Lambs" starring Jodi Foster and Anthony Hopkins for a true mangina visual.
by hopedenevue October 14, 2008
when a guy tucks his genitalia in between his legs.
I tricked my friends when they saw my mangina.
by Jester Chester May 14, 2008
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