The practice of neatly tucking your penis (and if you can , your testicles) back between your legs obscuring them from view to either achieve a comical or deeply perverse effect depending on your motive.
"Wehaaay! Look at this lads! Check out my Mangina! I'm your Mum!"

"I'm trying to groom my girlfriend into being a lesbian. Tonight I will give myself a Mangina and see if she will go down on me."
by Skankster August 04, 2007
When a man tucks his penis and scrotal sack between his legs to form to appearence of a vagina.
Person 1: Hey honey look what I can do.

Person 2: Wow, you have a Mangina.
by JuggaloCujo August 01, 2007
what i have, when i pull my balls and dick back i get a mangina, my internet boyfriend loves it. We play together on cam.
i love my mangina. it's nice.
by Salvatore vb August 25, 2007
a guy who hitches like a female with pms.
He has his monthly and being a

by creolepixie March 06, 2015
A transgender man's vagina.
Buck Angel has a mangina.
by manlyvagina February 26, 2015

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