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what is formed when a man takes his genetalia and tucks them between his legs, leaving an empty area where his penis would otherwise be.
Buffalo Bill had a really gross mangina scene on Silence of the Lambs
by MVL November 11, 2005
1. the result of a man tucking his penis between his legs, creating the illusion of a female pubic area.
2. also, male anus.
Please refer to "Silence of the Lambs" starring Jodi Foster and Anthony Hopkins for a true mangina visual.
by hopedenevue October 14, 2008
when a guy tucks his genitalia in between his legs.
I tricked my friends when they saw my mangina.
by Jester Chester May 14, 2008
That funny little thing looking at you when you pull ur dick and balls back
Whilst in the bath with his little sister timmy found that if he pulled his and and testicles back his genitles looked like his sister's so he stapled them there...mangina
by Sam_big_penis May 06, 2008
the act of a man tucking his "package" inbetween his legs and showing his friends
hey you guys did you know i have a mangina
by taten July 27, 2007
The practice of neatly tucking your penis (and if you can , your testicles) back between your legs obscuring them from view to either achieve a comical or deeply perverse effect depending on your motive.
"Wehaaay! Look at this lads! Check out my Mangina! I'm your Mum!"

"I'm trying to groom my girlfriend into being a lesbian. Tonight I will give myself a Mangina and see if she will go down on me."
by Skankster August 04, 2007
1. created by placing the penis in between the legs of a male. Gives the effect of a vagina, hence the name mangina.

2. Known as the sex organ of "man-whores"

3. Known as man-pussy
Holy Shit that guy has a nasty mangina
by Day Men December 05, 2005