An otherwise normal vagina with an enlarged clitoris in the shape of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Then she took her pants off and he screamed in horror. Then realizing it was just a mangina they did the nasty...hardcore.
by J. Steigs July 30, 2005
a man with a vagina is a mangina.
Look at that dude hes got a mangina
by LilJOnwhattt: July 19, 2005
A scar on a man's body that, coupled with a bit of a paunch, looks similar to labia.
My best friend's appendix scar looks like a mangina when he's standing up.
by hipspinster February 23, 2005
(n) The act of tucking the male genatalia back between the legs, creating psuedo feminine genatalia.

(See Also: Penile Albrechtus Syndrome)
At first glance, the sex of the individual was hard to detrmine by creating a mangina.
by crrmwk March 17, 2006
a vagina on a man mi niggas!
Pete's mangina was ultra hot last night. I won some serious ass.
by yepsl February 16, 2005
When a man tucks his puple helmet warrior and his sack between his legs and makes it look like a vagina but fom behind its nasty
Ryan Seacrest has a mangina
by the 5crew February 07, 2009
A male who plays a female character in a game, or who pretends to be a female while on the internet at any time.
Bob: I play a female character because i prefer to look at something good while I play.
Jim: You play a man-gina? I'd rather play a male character because I'd rather play the game, anyway, girlfriends are much better imo.
by Roofhack December 13, 2007
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