1. A man totally controlled by a woman

2. A weak willed man

3. The partner that takes it in the anus in a male homosexual relationship

4. A male prostitute, gay or straight
1. That mangina would never disobey his wife.

2. That magjina just will not stand up for himself.

3. Jim's mangina, John, wants to get married.

4. Joe is a mangina, he has to turn tricks to keep his place.
by Yogi-Donnie January 22, 2008
A man who's best interests are based on feminine subjects and usually has been raised by his mum to "Worship" women. Although these may sound like good qualities, you may feel like you are with another girl, which is why females don't tend to pick "Mangina's" as their partner.
Jess: Are you going out Andrew again?
Sara: Nah, he's such a mangina.
by boredreader101 January 17, 2011
a Heterosexual man who seriously thinks that acting like, having the same taste as, listening to the same music as, and/or in some extreme cases, being flamboyant and having the same speech patterns as the opposite sex is going to get him chicks. such individuals end up with no gfs, but do result in having a lot of female friends.
A: ethan is so friggin annoying
B: what makes you say that?
A: well whenever you talk to him, he makes this annoying ass giggle like every fucking 5 minutes...you know, that kind that girls make when theyre flirting with you...plus he's obsessed with all this taylor swift and coldplay and drake bullshit...and he thinks he can front on you cus he thinks he gets buns cus he all the friends he has are female n shit. that herb is such a fucking mangina.
B: you sure hes not gay?
A: he doesnt really have the flamboyant traits that a lot of gay guys have. he doesnt seem to be into men. plus he seems to want to bag the girls hes with...i mean, hes straight alright, but a nonetheless a mangina
by koolg.alamo September 17, 2011

Mangina is a hybridisation of gay male culture slang referring to a gay man’s anus to become a word describing a self-deprecating man who has become subservient to female culture. He blindly follows feminist culture and propaganda seeing himself as an advocate for women’s rights, but is more likely harbouring a deep resentment towards men. He inappropriately sees men as being violent and dominant something he can’t associate within himself thinking that he is a victim of male oppression too.
He may have been raised to think masculinity is inherently wrong. He may even subscribe to believes that he must be corrected by embracing his ‘feminine side’ to the point of losing his own identity. He may see being subservient to women as chivalry and be illogical when confronted with contradictory evidence. He may believe violence against women is more wide spread then what is scientifically proven.
The ‘Mangina’ is a self-imposed slave often seeing himself as a white knight when really is a he’s a doormat while supporting women's issues that may not even exist. These men are servile, week willed and may be effeminate themselves in social situations to the point that even gay men lose respect for him. Because of this he may fall deeper into what he perceives as female sensitivity when in reality it is likely that the women he hangs around with don’t care or have no respect for him despite for his efforts as a sensitive ‘nice guy’.
Also may refer to;
• Male genitals tucked behind the legs in an attempt to mimic the appearance of a vagina.
• A term man-whores use to describe their 'he-pussy.'

see also
1. Pussy beggar
2. Vagina Worshipper

3. Pussy Fisher

1 Did you hear what that guy was saying?

2 Yeah he’s so pussy whipped that he is Mangina.
by Cheeky Bastard Gaming Icon October 26, 2015
Similar to a White Knight or a Simp. These types of men place pussy on a pedestal. No matter how unaccountable a woman may be for her whorish or dysfunctional actions, these men feel that they can do no wrong. They are also overemotional.
Damn, we all know she fucked mad dudes but this mangina capes up for her no matter what smh.
by PillCosby3 September 21, 2015
A Mangina is someting owned by a man that is acting like a pussy, or acting like a chick. It is the male version of a vagina and to have sand in it is like being on the rag.

Exapmle; Bryan needs to pull the sand out of his mangina and grow a pair.
by wickacalvin22 January 25, 2008
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