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a post-op transvestite vagina. what used to be a penis and scrotum, which after hormone therapy and surgery becomes an inverted penis - a fake gina.
google post-op transvestite vaginas and you'llsee some whoreifying pictures of mangina.
by groupie#1 September 25, 2006
8 52
As the name suggests, any guy that is unlucky enough to have womens genitals. In other words, the guy has a pussy.
in sentence :
Yo man, i just saw that guys mangina.

as a diss :
fag, go suck a mangina.
by James TH March 23, 2007
13 58
A male who plays a female character in an online video game, be it Everquest/World of Warcraft/anything where someone controls a character. Lots of pervs do this shit and convince other players they're female and get free shit only to be ostracized when someone actually finds out they're a guy.
Holy shit dude, Ayanae was in the middle of cybering Damiax when I told him she was actually a mangina!
by The Earl December 04, 2005
34 79
is a man with a man made vagina
omg!! look at his MANgina!!
by pinky darling July 28, 2006
4 51
A self secreting male pleasure instrument, the erect male penis is inserted into the vagina shaped vibrator, as in usual intercorse, after ejaculation the seamen is stored and recycled as self secretion during later use.
my mangina means i need no girlfriend
by leatherface October 28, 2005
3 51
Slang used in MMORPG to represent a male playing a female character. Usually the role play is very convincing and done to the end of getting free currency, hard-to-get items, etc. from others.
You've got a forum crush on a mangina dude!
by sidephase October 10, 2005
192 240
That part of a man's paunch that sags down and folds down the middle slightly, obscuring the genitalia from view and creating the illusion of a big fat vagina.
"That guy's got a mangina on him like your mother!"
by carlinho August 28, 2005
12 60