A guy who plays a female avatar in a video game (ie Night Elf / Blood Elf chicks in World of Warcraft ) usually because

1. They want to fool others to get in game benefits from other players who for some reason play favs with real life chick gamers

2. They get some sort of sexual pleasure from viewing these avatars, most of the time using the excuse *If I am playing I would rather look at a female ass than a male ass*
noob: Dude I just gave Wafflegirl 50g, she is so hawt

gamer: Dude, Waffle is a Mangina..rofl!
by allrightynow January 16, 2008
The genitalia of a hermaphrodite. It usually consists of a penis and a vagina. This is especially true when the hermaphrodites penis is larger than most normal men.
The last hooker I picked up tried to screw me with her mangina.
by Red! April 04, 2007
A vagina if a man where to have one or a man with a vagina - (not to be mistaken with a he/she)
Dude, I can't believe I had sex with that Mangina
by squibbler December 15, 2006
A word for a male vagina.
did you see that hermaphadite?? he has a stanky ass mangina!
by BlondesRfunny May 01, 2007
1)When a male plays a female character in an online video game like Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest, or World of Warcraft, etc and pretends to be a girl in real life.

2)Is also sometimes used to describe the attitude of certain women who play onlines games who like to cause drama and conflict within guilds.
Ex1. I thought that Novelae was a real life girl, but when I heard him on teamspeak he turned out to be a Mangina.

Ex2. Trieni and Darianna are adult women who have multiple relationships with teenage boys in online games enjoying the jealousy and drama this causes. They are acting like Mangina's.
by Mikeal June 08, 2005
A term used to describe a male prostitute's genitalia. Generally has a positive connotation.
No man-whore has EVER pleased jabba the slut before. Deuce, you must have a magical mangina.
by Kaiser Vinny March 21, 2006
a hole ripped beneath you ball sack for the purpose of skrewing yourself or so other men can skrew you without it ripping your ass apart
mike got a mangina so him and brian can skrew at night
by Branmuffin March 21, 2007
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