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amanda, who happens to be a dork, hence mandork. this occurs due to the blond amanda not listening to when her name is called, however, responds to mandork. =\
"amanda. amanda. aaaamanda. AMANDA! MANDORK!
by dorkalicious December 02, 2004

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A slight variant of "Mandark", Dexter's rival in the show "Dexter's Lab". This variation can be used to describe anyone who is really nerdy or geeky.
'Sup mandork?
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
This is a manly version of a dork. This meaning, a guy who is assured in his manliness, but also has large traces of geeky or nerdy tendencies.
Evan is such a mandork. He loves to go camping, but always brings a sonic screwdriver and his Spock t-shirt.
by Mandork May 21, 2013