A dude straight out of Africa, usually with some click clack gum gum accent.
In the movie barbershop starring ice cube, the barber Dinka who is in love with Terri (Eve) is referred to as "Mandinga" by Terri's boy friend Kevin.
by agrice June 17, 2009
A term of endearment in the form of the 60's meaning of the word "Man". A friend, buddy, or homie.
Originated from the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. "What's up, mandinga?" - Ace to his hippy friend
by Grimlyn July 30, 2015
probably the finest lax man with the finest sister { i have a man crush on him )
yo dinga nice abs... wanna sleep over ?
by dan daley April 25, 2005
A Mandinga is simply a man from Dinga. Dinga is a town where such poeple like Chuck Noris originate from. So a man of Dinga can be considered a badass or a cool guy. So there for Mandinga is a slang word for a badass cool guy, maybe a friend, uncle, neihgbor, I dont know anyone who fits the discription. In other words, it is not a sex act or a devil, simply a comment or title given to someone.
Hey Mandinga how is it goin?
by didyou September 27, 2006
Also know as the "bowling ball". The mandinga is performed by inserting your thumb and middle finger into your partner's vagina and butthole, respectively. You know if you have performed the mandinga correctly if your partner yells "Mandinga"! If she yells, "Ow!", you probably did it wrong.
C'mon baby, let me fuck you in the butt! Well let's try this!
by Bud E Love May 02, 2003
See "Mandanga". Originally "mandinga", but was "Mutated" into "Mandanga" after TreeFroGG kept saying it to his wife "Leanne" and kept repeating her bullshit version..!! (It kinda stuck after that..!!)
All right Mandinga's. Who's comin for a bwad pint innit..!!
by Parker TreeFroGG December 01, 2003
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