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A hirsute man
John: Dude, your friends pool party is a bit of a sausage fest.

Timmy: Sorry, I had no idea there would be such a dearth of womenfolk.

John: Look at that manchovy over there, do you think that is ALL his own hair?

Timmy: Maybe it is, or maybe it's a gorilla riding him like a pool pony........who knows
by Stuart Pinkus August 15, 2010
The smell left on a man's balls after sex. Especially occurs when there is not enough time to wash your man-berries post coitus.
Dude I have got the worst case of manchovies ever! I had sex with my GF up at the campgrounds and the showers were busted and by the time I got home I had to go straight to work...My balls REEK to high heaven, they're so fishy smellin' I got alley cats followin' me everywhere I go!
by CHRiSToFoRiZZLe October 01, 2010
The smell that comes from sweaty balls. (Sweat = Salt) + (Nether regions) =Manchovies
"Dude it was so hot today, my balls are sweating like anything. Major case of manchovies"
by Johnson & Del March 31, 2010
Little smelly fish, often found at 138 Helen Drive. Also known as Franco Fritters.
Jimmy likes to put some manchovies on his jimmer jammer on a hot summer day.
by Lauren July 08, 2004