An interesting city in England. Manchester is loacted north of London and is more towards the middle of the isle. It is said to have a really good soccer team.
Manchester is the Chicago of England...
by Gervis McFelon August 31, 2005
City Situated in north-west england. The city centre is full of diverse cultures and friendly people. Famous for its sports teams and stadiums. The football does cause trouble thow, usuall between manchester and liverpool, (visited liverpool this year, and it was lovely. And yes, i am a manc.)

However, the city (as most, largley populated citys do) does have its ghettos. Which, is most used as the steriotype of the city, see: tameside.
"Manchester's like london, but with more trees, and rain."

"get the brolly its leathering it down"

by jakejakejake October 12, 2005
The capital of the North (screw you Liverpool!).

The only place I know and have access to where chavs/townies aren't in the majority.

Manchester has the best shopping malls ever!

The proud home of Canal Street.

Some of the best bands come from Manchester.

Full of sexy people.
Manchester is too sexy for you.
by Sarah O'Rourke August 28, 2007
A cool cosmopolitan city in the north west england, which is home to many rich celebrities, football teams, Harvey NIchols, 2 selfridges, the Trafford Centre and so much more.
Its just a shame the narrow minded Scousers cant see past their flea ridden, chav invaded so called city.
A small sketch showing the difference in class between a young man from manchester, and his Scouse equivelent

Mancunnian: "Excuse me kind Sir, do you have a light for my cigerette?
Scouser: "is you calling me mam? Cos if you are, I is gonna deck ya in ya wanker"

by Martin Adshead July 21, 2006
a city in the north west of england, from were all true scouser haters cum from. fuck u ya shell suit wearing, orange women loving, car theiving bunch of twats, go and tend to your perms wiv ya benifit money. SCUM. show your support mancs n giv the scouser hater a thumbs up
ay ay dave we went out in manchester last nite lad n got ar fookin eads kicked in like
by sfurnell June 16, 2006
City in the North-West of England, not the middle areas...that's the Home Counties and Midlands.
Manchester: Wet, busy. The entire place is known as Greater Manchester. Smaller cities are located in G.M. such as Oldham, Salford, Sale etc.
More boring than London but the drivers are better and safer, i.e. they stop.
Got some really cool concert venues (M.E.N. Arena, Manchester Apollo, Manchester Academy.)
People from Manchester are called Mancunians.
Possibly the biggest town in the North.
Often known as the New Jersey of England (by me).
Manchester is a really big city where foreigners often get lost. Public transport is both unreliable and crap.
by WatchingAmerica December 06, 2006
Manchester is officially the greatest city in the world. It is the second city of the United Kingdom, London being first mainly because of government bias in funding. The city is the UK's most cultural boasting more museums than any other city except London due to funding bias. The city has an excellent integrated transport network and laughs in the face of scum like Brummies and Scousers.
From Manchester:

"I am a Mancunian, ha ha ha you Brummie Scum, go shit on it!"

"Oh my gosh you are a scouser? Ha ha ha ha scum!"
by David7842357684 March 15, 2008

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