A shit hole in the North West of England, full of scruff's paki's and trigger happy kids, also known for the for there football team Munich X1(man u). who funnily died in a air disater
guy 1: what do ya think of manchester.
guy 2: it stinks and is full of sweaty paki's and little scruff's haha ice on the run way MUNICH MUNICH!!!
by CK09 October 14, 2008
Manchester is a city situated to the east of a great city. The great city being Liverpool. Mancs are jealous of Scousers naturally because Scousers are the better looking and the more educated. Liverpool has HIGHER EMPLOYMENT rates and LOWER CRIME rates Manchester. This can be read on any government statistic site. So for all you Manc, inbred, twat headed, arse licking, fuck monkeys do yourselves a favour, dress nicely, get a hair cut then go and hang yourselves in your mud huts which are situated in an illustrious estate called MOSS SIDE MAN!
Baz/Gaz/Daz here is a benefit scrounging Mancunian wanker who generally spends his time at The Shitty of ManchestAH! Stadium.
Shipman and Huntley!!
Manchester is a dense squalid hell hole over-run by immigrants and niggers.
by Stephen C Sergeant October 11, 2005
My favourite city in England and my home.

A great place, not as mad as London and has a wide variety of shops, restaurants and attractions.

Home of Manchester United and the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games.
And now for todays weather forcast.

Manchester; rain, 7 degrees celcius.

Just right.
by Monkeyseat June 06, 2005
the capital city of the rest of england. also the capital city of the mancunian republic.
wow i live there... ino u guessd tht uh"!"
by mrseano May 21, 2005
Manchester is regarded as England's second most important city, even though the second most populous is Birmingham, Manchester surpasses it in Media, Sport and Leisure. Manchester is often used to refer to the county of Greater Manchester and some other places in the North West of England. Manchester is circled by the M60 Orbital motorway and stands on the River Irwell and near the River Mersey.

The people of Manchester are known as Mancunians. Greater Manchester contains the Ten Metropoliatin Boroughs of: Bolton, Bury, Trafford, Tameside, City of Manchester, City of Salford, Stockport, Wigan, Oldham and Rochdale. Approximately 2,800,000 people live in this Metropolitain area, It is one of four highly populated Urban Counties in the UK along with Greater London, West Yorkshire and the Birmingham/Wolverhampton/Coventry Metropolitan area.

The city is is famous for it's television programmes like Coronation Street, A Question of Sport and Stars in Their Eyes witch are mainly produced by the biggest BBC(North West)and ITV(Granada) bases outside London. It is well known for its football teams: Manchester United and Manchester City(the area has the most professional soccer teams per square mile anywhere in the world). Manchester is renowned across Europe for its shopping (Manchester contains The Trafford Centre Europe's 2nd biggest indoor mall) The only city to house two Selfridges. It also contains a Harvey Nichols, The largest Next store in the UK, The flagship Marks and Spencer Store and the UK's second biggest Topshop/Topman. along with Manchester City Centre and The Trafford Centre, other satellite towns across the county have sufficient shopping facilities like Bury and Stockport.

Manchester is known for its Music, with bands like The Happy Mondays, Oasis, Elbow, Simply Red, M People, Take That, Joy Division, New Order and The Stone Roses originating from the city. The Manchester Evening News Arena was voted International Arena of the Year beating New York's Madison Square Garden for the 2nd year in a row.

Goin town, madd forrr itt, madchester, manchester
by MikeyFromBirmingham April 27, 2006
Manchester Is in the north west of England!!
V.popular place!
Rains alot!
But is a great city
In the Words Of Ian Brown
'Manchester has everything but a beach'
by Leanne<3 August 23, 2006
household linen, Australian origin
The manchester in the guest room is clean.
by Candace Griffiths June 06, 2006

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