A shit hole in the North West of England, full of scruff's paki's and trigger happy kids, also known for the for there football team Munich X1(man u). who funnily died in a air disater
guy 1: what do ya think of manchester.
guy 2: it stinks and is full of sweaty paki's and little scruff's haha ice on the run way MUNICH MUNICH!!!
by CK09 October 14, 2008
Manchester is a city situated to the east of a great city. The great city being Liverpool. Mancs are jealous of Scousers naturally because Scousers are the better looking and the more educated. Liverpool has HIGHER EMPLOYMENT rates and LOWER CRIME rates Manchester. This can be read on any government statistic site. So for all you Manc, inbred, twat headed, arse licking, fuck monkeys do yourselves a favour, dress nicely, get a hair cut then go and hang yourselves in your mud huts which are situated in an illustrious estate called MOSS SIDE MAN!
Baz/Gaz/Daz here is a benefit scrounging Mancunian wanker who generally spends his time at The Shitty of ManchestAH! Stadium.
Shipman and Huntley!!
Manchester is a dense squalid hell hole over-run by immigrants and niggers.
by Stephen C Sergeant October 11, 2005
big tits (term first coined in the TV series "Strangers with Candy")
"Wow (looking at a nude photo of a girl with big perky tatas) now THAT's a set o' manchesters." or "Damn! Look at the set of manchesters on that girl! They're poppin' out of her bakini like a couple o' buns made with too much love and baking soda."
by Jean-Baptiste September 25, 2006
Cool city in the North West of England.

2 Football (Soccer) Teams.

Loads of Bars and Pubs.

It rains alot.

Its full of Illegal Immigrants, Particularly BP and Pakistani Radical Muslims. Often seen protesting outside Marks and Spencer's on a weekend and generally verbally abusing Jewish and British People.


Muslim, Paki, BP, Rusholme, 9/11, 7/7, Scumbags etc...
Person 1: "Where do you live?"

Person 2: "Manchester"

Person 1: "Cool, Where abouts?"

Person 2: "Rusholme; I'm a Paki; I hate England and all Europeans, I'm just off to burn some flags outside Marks and Spencer coz i'm a cunt."

Person 1: "I agree you are a cunt."
by urban111 November 02, 2006
The greatest city in the UK with the greatest football club, ever
"Manchester United won the premiership again..."

*Yawn* "Just another year gone by..."
by Dev H May 11, 2005
Someone mistaken for having a large carbon cockprint, but who desires union with his muse, and would be ill-thought-of or endure public humiliation to accomplish as much.
-- So, as to be expected, the peanut-gallery dismisses his efforts as creating a large carbon cockprint -- as only motivated by gratification, as unable to see any other dignity or value in his efforts.

-- Yeah, but really, he's a Manchester.

-- Meaning his muse is flat-chested, like a man, but he loves her anyway?

-- No, and, she's not, but, rather, that 'chester' comes from 'castor,' which is Latin for camp, and 'castor' is also connected to 'beaver' which is a euphemism for vagina, so that 'Manchester' is both a man's anal cavity, and signifies that he loves his muse so-much as like that SNL character who assumed a pose of being gay so-as to be her roommate, so-as to be with her.

-- Ah, so he would even be thought to be a 'Manchester,' (or a-hole then), in the hope that he'll get to meet her.
by sukadog April 22, 2011
The act of ejaculating on a females chest. Then proceeding to rip out some of your pubes or chest hair and throwing it into your ejaculation. Therefore giving her a man chest.
The Manchester...
I boned this girl last week, and I totally gave her a manchester.
by WoodenFoot October 01, 2010
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