big tits (term first coined in the TV series "Strangers with Candy")
"Wow (looking at a nude photo of a girl with big perky tatas) now THAT's a set o' manchesters." or "Damn! Look at the set of manchesters on that girl! They're poppin' out of her bakini like a couple o' buns made with too much love and baking soda."
by Jean-Baptiste September 25, 2006
To fall asleep while receiving oral sex
(This term was coined by a young man who, while incredibly drunk and on vacation, fell asleep while getting a blow job from a girl from Manchester, United Kingdom.)
Justin pulled a Manchester on Stacey. She had to perform a potato peeler to wake him up.
by Raphael (The Disasterbater) December 26, 2008
The crap place i live in, turning like liverpool,cuz of all the crack-head gangs, Gunchester,i hate my life >.<
Guy1:'dude have u been to manchester yet?'
by fgsfdsguy December 31, 2008
A stinking shit hole of a town full of violence and arrogance. Likes to call itself the second city, when in fact its the sixth.
Don't you fooking gimme that fooking look ma kid. <SMACK>
by albionpeej August 16, 2005
OMFG how many times do i have to tell people BIRMINGHAM is the second city of England not Manchester. that is all.
idiot-hey do you want to go to Manchester Englands second city?
genius-<hits idiot over head repeatedly> NO! i would rather go to birmingham
by villa4life October 24, 2006
the wannabe Second City of the UK. it's not even a third of the size of Birmingham, in fact it's not even the 3rd biggest city of the UK. it has 2 footy teams, with one wearing red and brainwashing little children to become glory hunters and not give a toss about their local team. it is officially the most violent city in the UK (even being nicknamed ''Gunchester'') has the highest ASBO rate in the UK. for some reason the government bums Manchester and gives them loadsa money to build some white elephant buildings (probs cuz their all glory hunters too) that the cultureless people will probably end up burning down. all mancs will talk like Liam Gallacher and end up in at least one bar-brawl a week, they'll scrounge off benefits and have at least 12 children who will end up breeding with eachother by the time they're 13 and spawn more ASBO babies. the capital city of Chav Land.
1) has no one bulldozed mnchester already

2) Manchester...the 2nd city of Greater Manchester

3) oh dear, we're nearing Manchester

4) Manchester....because the Devil wanted a hell on earth
by Adrian_18 November 12, 2005
Cool city in the North West of England.

2 Football (Soccer) Teams.

Loads of Bars and Pubs.

It rains alot.

Its full of Illegal Immigrants, Particularly BP and Pakistani Radical Muslims. Often seen protesting outside Marks and Spencer's on a weekend and generally verbally abusing Jewish and British People.


Muslim, Paki, BP, Rusholme, 9/11, 7/7, Scumbags etc...
Person 1: "Where do you live?"

Person 2: "Manchester"

Person 1: "Cool, Where abouts?"

Person 2: "Rusholme; I'm a Paki; I hate England and all Europeans, I'm just off to burn some flags outside Marks and Spencer coz i'm a cunt."

Person 1: "I agree you are a cunt."
by urban111 November 02, 2006

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