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A city in the north west.
I would know, I live there (:
Trafford- YES BREVV (Y)

It's not all bad really. Yes, it rains. Yes we have a high crime rate. Hey, they only shoot at eachother (: It happens so often it don't make the news no more :L

We have 2 football clubs, both of whom are shite (: But MCFC (Y)

Backbone of the insustrial revolution.
Roman Settlement

Multicultural and multitalented city. My home. I love it.
We have sexual accents. Not everyone talks like they're braindead, mind :)
Manchester: Roman Settlement, Shithole, Amazing Place
Yes brev
by BEANALEANARAWR May 15, 2009
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Manchester is a city in the North West of England. The place is named from the old British name Mamucium plus ceaster, derived from the old Latin ‘Castra’. Manchester is a metropolitan borough with city status. The city has a population of 437,000 and is situated in the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester which has a population of 2,539,000.1 It is one of England’s core cities and is regarded by some as England’s second city, a title also claimed by Birmingham.2

The name ‘Manchester’ is often used to refer to the entire metropolis, much as ‘London’ is usually used to mean Greater London, but many of the constituent parts of this conurbation are substantial and separate towns (a city in the case of Salford) that retain strong identities. People from Manchester are called Mancunians. Manchester is an interesting place with a very rich history.

Mancunians are real people, not scallys. MAnchester is great!
by Dominic Hunt January 02, 2006
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Manchester is situated in the North West of England.

Commonly slandered by the Scousers,

"Manchester is the home of poofs and pansies"

True to some aspects, Manchester does have a very popular Gay Village; in which there is a "Gay pride" festival each year with Many famous faces including r Ian McKellen, However, Manchester also has a lot more to offer and a lot more to show for all the hard work over the years.

Manchester United: One of the Most sucessful football teams to come out of England.

Manchester City: The richest football club in the world. (also the best, well; we've got the best fans)

Many musicians that took a huge impact on britain in the 80's-90's were also from Manchester and for that we pride ourselfs.

The Smiths
The Stone Roses
Happy Mondays
(to name a few)

Also if it wasn't for MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) the legends known as Ric Mayall & Adrian Edmonson would have never met thus drastically altering british humor through out the 90's.

That in turn renders Manchester one of the Greatest citys in one of the Greatest Countries in the world.
Have you been to Manchester? Yeah mate, Even those chilian miners have been..
by DtotheLA February 10, 2011
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A "Manchester" is used in response to an individual claiming a completely ridiculous course of action. Once Manchestered, said individual must complete his claim within 24 hours, otherwise punishable with a vicious open hand slap or kick to the testicles.
Subject 1: "If that asshole doesn't turn does his music, I'm going to shit on face."

Subject 2: "Manchester..."
by Zimmdog October 06, 2011
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big tits (term first coined in the TV series "Strangers with Candy")
"Wow (looking at a nude photo of a girl with big perky tatas) now THAT's a set o' manchesters." or "Damn! Look at the set of manchesters on that girl! They're poppin' out of her bakini like a couple o' buns made with too much love and baking soda."
by Jean-Baptiste September 25, 2006
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the THIRD city of the UK. not the second. known to an american i knew as 'a little place just outside of London'
yea ive been to england before, i went to a little place just outside london, something chester...
by raelone June 18, 2005
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basically the ultimate dare; you can not turn these down, or you will be punched in the chest as hard as the person that manchestered you can punch.
"I'm going to stick this up your ass"
by santersss May 20, 2010
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