Birmingham according to Wikipedia is without doubt the second city of the UK - wanabee rival Manchester is a Grim Decaying Mill Town that ranks 9th - how embarassing!

1 London 7,172,091
2 Birmingham 970,892
3 Glasgow 629,501
4 Liverpool 469,017
5 Leeds 443,247
6 Sheffield 439,866
7 Edinburgh 430,082
8 Bristol 420,556
9 Manchester 394,269

Birmingham the second city of the UK - let's all laugh at the poverty stricken grim mill town of Manchester ranked at a lowly 9th!
by Anthony Wilson September 06, 2008
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Manchester is a city with a population of 400,00, making it England's 6th largest city.

More famous for Manchester United than anything else. It is a common misnoma in international circles that Manchester is in fact in London.

Often the name Manchester is used to refer to the county in which it is situated, Greater Manchester. This annoys residents of equally independent towns and cities in Greater Manchester, such as Bolton, Wigan and Oldham, who each boast a rich history also.

A resident of Manchester is known as a "Mancunian". They are typified by their strange loyalty to Manchester. Often waylaying people from other cities to tell them all about Manchester. See Terry Christian.

The North's main airport is near Manchester however. Passengers from larger, but equidistant cities, such as Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield, have bolstered the figures of Manchester Airport to make it one of Europe's largest and busiest.
After London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool and Sheffield, Manchester is Egland's 6th and the UK's 7th largest/most important city.
by Hello Newman August 28, 2006
A "Manchester" is the act of calling a friend or acquaintance on a statement they made. When a person states definitively that they will perform an action, anyone within earshot can call "Manchester!"

After the call, the callee must either perform the act or receive a swift punch in the stomach.

Originated at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology on BSB 1 in 2008-2009.
Andy: "I'm going to go do jumping jacks naked on the frozen lake!"

(At this point, Andy either does jumping jacks naked on a frozen lake, or gets punched.)
by Thron January 07, 2010
MANCHESTER IS GREAT! even though it is an absolute shed.
NO, we dont all talk like Liam Gallagher, most of us do though.
NO, we arent all chavs. most of us are though.
NO, we dont all possess guns. most of us do though.
NO, we dont all have ASBO's. most of us do though.
and NO we do not say "my kid"

it's "our kid"
you get me?!
bloke from manchester: "y'alright are kid?"
another bloke from manchester: "sound mate, sound."
by mickie and lickie February 04, 2009
Manchester is by far the best city in the UK.

Home to the Printworks, the Trafford Centre and Manchester arndale and famous for two premiership teams Manchester United and Manchester City.
Best looking people!
Manchester is sick!
by asfoghrnldf February 09, 2010
A northern, working class industrial and cultural city with a wide variety of people. One of the key cities in the industrial revolution, and the backbone of the country. Despite being smaller than a lot of other cities, an inordiately large amount of industry and talent and culture comes out of manchester, most definitely the capital of the north.

Canberra is the capital of Au, but smaller than Sydney. Go figure.
There is often a debate as to what is the 2nd city in the uk - Birmingham or london. Behind Manchester, of course.
by northern and proud March 27, 2009
The second city of a funny place called England. Quite wet, but more welcoming and friendy than london.
manchester is so what if its raining for the 15th day in a row.
by Hanny February 28, 2005
One of the best citys in England, nearly everyone who lives here, or comes to visit loves it. The people here are friendly and although it gets called 'gunchester', its really not that bad. It has a mint city centre, and although our accent is kinda naff, its summat to be proud off. It's got one of the best teams going - Manchester United, and Manchester City, who arn't that bad. Theres also loads to do here, with loads of opportunitys! Loads of well known people, celebs and bands have come out of Manchester, and we're defo home to some of the best musical talent! Manchester, the home of true mancunians!
Guy 1: Y'alright are kid?
Guy 2: Yeye just scrannin innit
Guy 1: Comin down Manchester tonight?
Guy 2: Yeye, it's the place to be!
by Hann3rr January 10, 2009

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