a man-bitch MANCH another word for friend,bro or any other type of affectionate name
this is my Manch we go way back. hey manch get over here. hes my manch.
by ski king October 11, 2010
A Man who sucks dicks and balls.
Dude i was at a club last night and this manch came up to me and offered me a BJ
by Joemamma11 May 06, 2008
Troy's love pudding,
Love Dressing
Troy loves to provide Manch dressing to all the ladies.
by regal September 11, 2004
derived from the ancient fat tribe, this word means 'sloth' or 'big crack sniffin' ho'
shit yo, that bitch is a manch.
by judd July 12, 2004
Used when someone is on a kill streak in a video game, or is winning by a lot. In particular, during a Battlefront match.
Dude, I'm absolutely manching on Battlefront today, the other team doesn't stand a chance!
by A_Reed614 June 18, 2016
Mix of words Man and Ranch, another word for semen
He done let out his manch all over the place.
by ArchHeretic1 March 29, 2015
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