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A mans baby batter / love juice!
Troy loves the Manch!!!
by MANCHER September 11, 2004
A portmanteau referring to semen, combining the words man + ranch.
After harassing the guy at the sub shop, she realized he put manch on her sandwich instead of mayo.
by byoqi May 07, 2012
A Man who sucks dicks and balls.
Dude i was at a club last night and this manch came up to me and offered me a BJ
by Joemamma11 May 06, 2008
Troy's love pudding,
Love Dressing
Troy loves to provide Manch dressing to all the ladies.
by regal September 11, 2004
derived from the ancient fat tribe, this word means 'sloth' or 'big crack sniffin' ho'
shit yo, that bitch is a manch.
by judd July 12, 2004