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Another word for mansechs.
Rage3d = teh manches
by Netch July 15, 2004
Sperm that resembles ranch salad dressing.
I was tossing Jordonas salad and then I squeezed my manch all over her!
by davethenooch September 07, 2006
A colloquial term on the internet meaning "mansex" or homosexual male sexual relations. It comes from the term "mansechs", which was (is) a popular way of spelling "mansex" on many internet forums and that bastion of the linguistically adept, IRC.
Him? Oh, he doesn't like women anymore. He has given in to the dark force that is teh manches.
by Generic Pseudonym May 01, 2005
a.k.a. "Manch Dressing"

Sperm, semen, ejaculate, cum, jizz... what have you, manch is what some people like to refer to their penile secretions, especially when said fluids resemble the color and consistency of ranch salad dressing.
Hey baby, you look like you could use some manch dressing on that pube salad!
by BABIESwithTITS May 22, 2008
a dirty male pirate hooker
"You're such a manch" (as an insult)
by ManchCreator April 21, 2011
a man-bitch MANCH another word for friend,bro or any other type of affectionate name
this is my Manch we go way back. hey manch get over here. hes my manch.
by ski king October 11, 2010
A mans baby batter / love juice!
Troy loves the Manch!!!
by MANCHER September 11, 2004