A pancake of epic proportions
While admiring a particularly large pancake: 'It's a man... it's a mancake.'
by Snoppy5 August 20, 2007
Top Definition
When a man is fantastically good looking and delicious.
Kalie: "Mmmmmmm I want a slice of that man cake!
Kory: "I want the whole cake!"
by Ka & Ko July 26, 2008
1. Another word for male genitals

2. When a woman pours syrup all over a mans body and proceeds to lick it off of him (usually done in the morning)

3. A premium man; broad, strong, and a cool dude
Suck my mancake bitch

Yo that bitch ate me for breakfast when she made a mancake outa me this morning, Now I'm all Sticky!

Yo that dude is one giga fuckload of a mancake!
by TyCoLicious August 07, 2009
1) Bachelor food. Usually made from assorted food stuffs in the home (see bachelor pad). Inedible to females.

2) The dried cakes of semen left on the abs when one has fallen asleep following a good wanking. (see also Man-chips)
1) Hey, Dave, I'm frying up some mancakes, you want one?

2) Hey, Dave, I tossed up some mancakes (also Man-chips), you want one?
by Pykebert October 30, 2004
A pancake that takes the whole griddle to make, only made by men. Usually cooked on camping trips. flipped by flinging it up in the air. easy to make easy to eat... enjoy
7:30 am C: dude lets make some mancakes!
K: yesss MANCAKES!
by not taken? January 16, 2011
When a large (fat) man loses weight, he will lose his Man-boobs. The result will be sagging man breasts known as MAN CAKES. (Similar to a flat-chested woman's PAN CAKES)
My God, did you see that dude over there with the tank top on? He really needs to wear a bigger shirt to cover up those MAN CAKES he has.
by Fred Christensen February 06, 2006
1. A sexual innuendo meaning "Junk"

2. Or a sexual innuendo meaning jizz.

3. Another term for something edible.
1. Boy: What's your favorite kind of cake?

Girl: Man Cake!!

2. Gimme yo man cake!!

3. Girl: What the hell, is this frosting all over my face?

Boy: It ain't frosting, it's Man Cake!
by Cream of Yungai March 15, 2010
The pancakes you eat with a large group of friends while celebrating National Pancake Day at IHOP
Ryan-Dude did you get your Mancakes today?
Billy-Yeah man, I stuffed my face with them.
by mancakes12345 February 28, 2012
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