lesbians that look more like men than they do women.

natural environment: gay raver bars, picketing something popular

description: short hair, no makeup, leather jacket, color of hair is one of the primary colors
Manbians are more or less synonamous with dike.
by someone_used_my_name February 16, 2006
Top Definition
Hard core bull dike lesbian often sporting a mullet
Look at that manbian hair I bet shes a truck driver!
by Jimmy Ko January 25, 2005
Aperson of unknown gender whom could easily be mistaken for either a man or a butch lesbian.
OMG look at that scary manbian--is that a man or a lesbian?
by P~Lo September 07, 2008
A Gay woman born in a male body that has no intention of having gender realignment surgery.
Steve realised he was a manbian as he queued in the record store to pay for KD Lang’s latest album.
by L Jackson August 17, 2007
A male gamer that plays a lesbian female character.
Real girl: Wow did you see that girl?
Random person: Yeah she's a guy lol.
Real girl: Wow. A Manbian
by Vexen August 20, 2008
A very hot man that is sensitive, and can eat a snatch like a lesbian!
I love my manbian, he is super hot, can eat my snatch like a lesbian, and also tell me if I look fat! Every girl needs one!
by Bottom feeder plankton March 17, 2014
A lesbian displaying the physical characteristics of the standard issue life-long male factory worker.These most often include (but not limited to);scruffy facial hair,rotund bellies,flat asses.prisonesque tattoos,offensive body odor,balding pates,public flatulence,and perpetually dirty fingernails.These creatures are sometimes alternately referred to as Bull daggers,Studs,or inmate 859640(actual number varys).Typically they shrug off given first names in favor of androgynous handles like Pat,Lou,Sal,and Marty etc.
"I thought my friend Eric was from a typical white trash family.My illusion was shattered when his"dad"unsnapped "his"penis and put it in the dishwasher,revealing "him"to be a Manbian.
by Helmut/tampa May 29, 2009
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