Manassas is a small city near DC. I worked in an office there for almost 10 years and I still live about 6 miles south. While some people like to focus on the negatives of this or any place, or anything, Manassas
- is a historic town
- has a median income way above the national average
- has great schools
- has a strong business climate despite the recession (involving lots more than just used car dealerships)
- has lots of community involvement and volunteerism by lots of civic groups and churches
- has rapidly developing real estate and infrastructure
- is a nice area to live and work

Just had to post a counterpoint to some of the junk already linked here. Thanks!

ps- The Lorena Bobitt thing happened in Manassas Park, not the City of Manassas, almost as long ago as the Civil War.
by Manassas Local October 23, 2011
Top Definition
Manassas is a city 30 minutes outside Washington D.C. Its main income is from the countless number of auto-dealerships. When asked, people like to think of manassas as a shit-hole. There are some nice areas. Areas such as Georgetown South and that area of manassas are stock full of mexicans. There seems to be somewhat of a drug problem in manassas. So many Coke-heads and Smoking pot is an everyday occurance. You remember the guy that got his penis cut off? yeah he was from manassas. I believe it was the Lorena Bobbit that cut her husbands penis off and threw it in the street.
Dirt = manassas = mexicans
by Russ March 18, 2005
Possibly the shittiest place in the country, besides Watts, South Central, or even hell. Dominated by industrial trucks full of mexican illegal immigrants or redneck assholes that tailgate you on a 35 mph road. Nobody knows how to drive in Manassas, which is ironic because most people own either huge SUVs or pick-up trucks. Manassas is also home to the largest amount of auto dealerships on the east coast. There are three types of teenagers in Manassas: trustafarians, wiggers, and thugs. People usually frequently make fun of the name as well for good reason, which sounds like "man's asses".
Person 1: Dude, did you see that picture of Manassas in today's paper?

Person 2: I actually just saw a picture of a piece of elephant shit.

Person 1: Exactly.
by Craig in B Minor April 06, 2006
one of the best cities in the western hemisphere... seriously its full of immigrants and people from all over... Hispanics, whites, blacks, arabs, asian, the whole deal. georgetown south and the occasional trailer park are places that uptight white folk might want to stay away from though...
"hey we're thinking of going to DC for the summer want to come?"
"naah man manassas is where all the good stuff is happening"
"oh good idea let's go to manassas"
by kris1490 August 14, 2006
A white female from Kansas, who lives in Germany enjoys riding her horses, loves black men, and cuts out faces of Chase Crawford, and has a strangly large butt for a white girl.
Everyone wants to be her bestfriend.
Black Guy: I wish I was Manassas' man.
Response: Too fucking bad, she aint good enough.
by igotgoatmilk October 30, 2011
a place in northern virginia where hicks and redneck rebels mostly run it
mixed with some hispanic and black but mostly hicks. they try to make up gangs to protect them selves from real gangs there closest neighbor Centreville . centreville gangs are probably the only real gangs in northern virginia because of some neighborhoods on welfare in it including The Meadows, The Knolls . and D-Block.
yo we be gangstas right?
yeah lets go to centreville?
NO there way to gangsta for us were just trying to fit in
by Deboh February 02, 2005
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