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Refers to the male pectoral muscle, especially pecs that are large, toned, hard, and well defined. As if large, juicy, succulent t-bone steaks were strapped to his chest.
Look at that hottie over there with the man steaks, what I would give to get my hands on those.
by Rachel the Fairy December 31, 2008
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the penis and the glorious areas that surround it
I totally wanna rub all up on Ian's mansteak
by GiYES May 24, 2008
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Often used between sexy gay men with way too much time and live excruciatingly far apart from each other.
gay man #1: why do you live so far?
gay man #2: idk, but i wish you lived closer because mah mansteak needs some lovin
gay man #1: youre a sleez
gay man #2: *gasp*
by GiYES May 24, 2008
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