A lot like I'm not gay space but may also mean the amount of space between straight men that is comfortable. Usually an open seat between.
Bill invades our manspace when he's had too many of those bitch drinks.
by RichardDangle September 27, 2012
Top Definition
An amount of space between two men given to maintain their feeling/appearance of Heterosexuality. An extra seat or space between two men.
"John was such a damn idiot, he totally violated the man space by sitting right next to me!"
by Parabellum March 03, 2007
1. n- The personal area of a male.
2. n- The crotchular region.
3. adj- Muy bangalicious.
1. 'Julia is all up in Ricky's manspace.'
3. 'That chick is so totes manspace.'
by rabidsnakemonkey October 23, 2008
An erection is abruptly, and painfully, stopped when the penis hits a fold in the pants, or is guided by the pants to a small area.

The man then wiggles in his seat or even takes a hands-on approach to ensure a full erection.
(Sexy woman walks by man, man adjusts profusely in seat)
"What's wrong with him?"
"He's making manspace".
by BigBare February 21, 2009

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