A synonym for semen. Also a tasty sandwich spread.
Ex.1 "What the fuck happened last night, I woke up covered in mansauce!!"

Ex.2 "Can i get some extra mansauce on that bigmac?"

Ex.3 "Do you have any mustard?

Nah only mansauce."

Ex.4 "Hey, you have a little mansauce crust on your lip."

Ex.5 "Is that jar of mansauce in the fridge expired."
by Dr. Archibald J. Flemming Ph.D March 20, 2011
Top Definition
semen; male sperm
"I think some asshole put man sauce in my taco"
by Tony Gill September 13, 2003
see jizz
and before the night was over, the trick of the party was covered in about 3 gallons of mansauce
by Ricky Roma December 25, 2003
Semen, man juice.
Stifler drank man juice in "American Pie"
by Duke January 22, 2003
is the sperm that comes out of a guy
when a guy masturbates white stuff comes out (sperm)mansauce
by Super J.. October 08, 2008
Word used to refer to only extremely attractive men
Check out the mansauce in the tight jeans
by Rebecca EB October 16, 2007
the hard earned thirst that deserves
a warm hard gulp..
tom give me some man sauce..
ok chuck ill pump you gulp..
make it quick but sexy..
shut the fuck up and choke it down bitch
by splurts with mint June 18, 2003
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