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a dressing made of human gland-ular secretion. Usually inticed to expellment by a person's sexual partner and then applies to various food items such as, but not limited to: Salads, vegetables, meat, poo, or eaten "on the rocks".
Jim gave his girlfriend a big load of MAN RANCH to go with that tossed salsd she was having. Where are the Ass Croutons? she wondered
by e-rips September 26, 2003
semen (the white substance that comes from a dude's erect penis)
That slut is all about the man ranch. She swallows every last drop.
by Kito Hughes August 10, 2007
Another ludicrous term for male semen. For those of you still scratching your heads; think of the white, creamy texture of your salad dressing. No comparison on the taste, however.
Mmmm...gimme some of your manranch.
by Sally Tomato March 17, 2008