A Unix / Linux / BSD Manual page.
Accessed from the console, using the man command.
Dude, read the fricking manpage!
by Zak Zennii July 20, 2005
Top Definition
A detailed document explaining a unix command. Most Unix systems have a man pages for each command that can be viewed online.

What geeks expect you to read when they tell you to RTFM.
Look it up in the man pages dickwad. Godammit how many times do I have to tell you to RTFM!
by w00tw00t April 05, 2003
Girls gone wild, on a rampage for men.
"Girls, this weekend is gonna be all about the manpage"
by the Committee March 14, 2004
When a woman goes on several dates in a short period of time with various men. Like going on a rampage of men. Usually done in order to distract one's self from being single for a long period of time or after a nasty breakup.
Sara- Hey Char do you want to do something this week?

Char- No I'm sorry I can't, I've been single for so long that I've decided to go on a Manpage.
by Chuckstersled11 August 24, 2010
An adult male who helps serves as a messenger to the United States Congress.
Josh: How should I look up the options for that unix command?

Alex: I don't know, ask Fred, the man page.
by flugah August 25, 2010
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