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a night of man stuff and doing totally manly things
CamRon: "tomorrow were going longballing and going to coon hill its gonna be such a man night"

Katelyn: "whats man night?"

CamRon: "killed it."
by xGoodspeedx. March 13, 2008
n. any night specifically dedicated to the bonding of bros or men and men specifically. can also be used to educate said men in web videos, classic movies from the 80's, video games, and sparkler bomb making.
Hey, man! You goin to man night tonight?
by Chris Boemler January 11, 2008
When manly men gather to do manly things. nothing like a sleepover.Drink mountain dew, play xbox, blow things up etc.
we gotta have a man night this vacation!
by Bsully January 06, 2013
Where a few actual bros get together, eat, chill, and do crazy stuff.
dude, man night.

by rockswim February 11, 2012

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